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, please. >> item number 4, status update on the study on how jurisdictions fill vacancies to elected offices between election cycles. >> jason fried, lafco staff, at the last meeting, you instructed to start this study of figuring out how when elected positions become vacant mid cycle how we fill those. we have since then brought on an intern research intern from usf, spencer who's sitting there with us today, we're at the stage right now, the goal just to give you a very quick brief overview of what we're looking at doing is we're looking at various different types of systems because there's no place like san francisco, which is a city and county in california and that has an independently elected mayor, what we're doing is breaking this study down to multiple categories to try to find similar things with san francisco, so we're looking at other locations that have large populations that are about the city and county, other places in the country, there are places like arlington, virginia, colorado, we're looking how they replace their positions in the county there. we're also going
, we will move on to item number 4. discussion and possible action to elect bic officers. 4a, waiver of bic rules to hold bic offer certificate election on a different date, 4b, election of president, 4c, election of vice president. >> so, we wanted to get some action on waiving the rules of the commission because we wanted to postpone the election of the board president and vice president till the next meeting when more commissioners could be present. >> i move to waive the rules and hold our officer elections at the next meeting to accommodate a full commission. >> i second that. >> we have a motion and a second to waive the rules. is there any public comment on this item? are all commissioners in favor? >> aye. >> any opposed? the motion carries. item number 5, discussion of mou between dbi and the san francisco housing authority and the housing tenant complaint report process. >> thank you. i guess i was the one that asked that this be put on the agenda because, as we've all read about, there's been a lot of reports of problems at some of the housing projects in san francisco and
like to thank all the of the elected officials to our city attorney to the treasurer, department head, everyone you see before us that i think understand the importance of having both a colleague at the board. i have the pleasure on this momentous occasion of honoring of swearing in carmen and katie. congratulations. [ applause ] . >> as i said on many occasions it shouldn't surprise anyone in this city that women are helping me run this city in the most intelligent way, the smartest way and they both, carmen and katie have had a reputation, had decisions that they have made all through their professional career that put our residents first and foremost and demonstrated their love for this city, it's workings, for it's representation of the inclusion and for embracing all the policies that this city represents. i'm going to swear in carmen chu first because i have been reminded by my very smart staff that i have to create a vacancy to fill. if i may say a few words about carmen. all of us have enjoyed her leadership on the board. she will no doubt lead the office of the recorder with
be helpful in this role is that i served as an elected school board member in new haven unified school district for two terms including serving as the president. i was the elected auditor at the city of alameda. i served on the citizens oversight committee and the citizens watchdog committee of the alameda county transportation commission. again, overseeing this exact kind of situation of bond funding and grant funding. i served as the president of the [speaker not understood] community college foundation. i served as the treasurer of the oakland chamber of commerce, many other boards and commissions. and, so, i feel like i could step into this position and play a helpful role quickly. i certainly understand the exact purpose of the committee related to assuring that the dollars are spent in accordance with the agreement set up with the community when they voted to approve the bond. so, assuring the public trust, assuring that new bonds can be approved when the city decides to go back and ask for more bond from the community and assuring that the bond rating of the city remains strong.
was elected he became involved in this project chaming it for all of us, not just a place where we can work but also a place where we can be entertained and enjoy it and it's so important for him that this terminal and this site is fullness for the fabric of the city and i would leak like to say a special thank you to the board of supervisors david chew. >> thank you. i would like to welcome you to the most beautiful district of san francisco. i'm sorry kim and i were late because we left a meeting that is still going on right now. 21 years ago i visited san francisco for the first time as a tourist. i walked along these piers, i decided that i had to live in san francisco some day. it is so amazing to me to be able to wake up and represent the district that includes some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city that includes this water front. as monique alluded as i ran in 2008, my constituents said what are you going to do to make sure this doesn't fall into the water piers. with the jefferson project moving forward and with the american cup moving forward and with this incredible
and he is from argentina so it is the first time a hope has been elected in the western hemisphere. last month someone took exception to some of my remarks. i'm amazed when someone challenges the actions of a police officer no one has the integrity to show up to offend their own actions. the reason that was filed against him is because the law strictly cites that it has to be an elected official or a department head and bottom-line i was in the military for quite a few years and one of the things i learned is the co is responsible for everything that goes on under his or her command. one of the comments that mr. [inaudible] made were regarding sergeant goss. he talked about all the expertise he had, experience, so forth, but sergeant goss for all his expeer seize cannot answer a simple idr in compliance with the law. some people say i want to embarrass people with my remarks. if the order is embarrassing, it is members of the legal division that have embarrassed the chief, not me. the simple fact that the legal division can't seem to accept a public records request and answer it o
during the week of april 5 -- april 1 to april 5 along with the youthful survey. >> sac elections will be done through the school [inaudible] this year so senior principals, student activities leader if you're interested in running the coordination of the youth summit we are working on several items. we are working on a site that does deals similar to groupon. we have two resolutions that we will be seeking cosponsorship for. one supporting the grab and go breakfast program by allowing students to eat breakfast in class in the morning and a second for the deferred child program. the sac has continued to work with the staff to include student input and teacher feed back as well. >> thank you ladies. all right, sir. we are in item e, the parent advisory council report. i believe we have representatives from the pack in the audience. please approach the table. >> good evening commissioners and superintendents. i am ammy, a member of the the pack and a parent at [inaudible] elementary school. >> hello, my name is vanessa banks, my daughter attends the bay view [inaudible] and
elections code making miscellaneous amendments to various sections. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. and i do want to thank the rules committee for their support. this is trailing legislation following our reform of the public finance legislation that we passed at the board last year. we did have to make a couple of date changes. now with the election code, in order to conform with the new public finance structure and mechanism. ~ i do have to make one small amendment today, and that is on page 16 of the ordinance, we are just triking lines 12 and 13, saying that the operative date of this ordinance is january 1st, 2013. we are just triking that. the ordinance will become law 30 days after the mayor signs it since the legislation. so that was just a quick fix up. >> supervisor kim has made a motion to amend. is there a second to the motion? seconded by supervisor cohen. colleagues, without objection that passes. on the underlying ordinance can we take that same house same call? without objection, the ordinance is passed on the first read as amended. item 30. >> item 30 is motion appointing
doesn't have to listen to what we have to say. we are not elected official, we are a discretionary body. so, at the end, our opinion while valuable is not necessarily, you know, the final word on that. in terms of c-e-q-a, i think that what is often misunderstood is that the california environmental quality act is an information tool. i mean, the sole purpose of c-e-q-a is to provide the public with information about projects being proposed. it doesn't take an affirmative or negative position on projects and it's not supposed to be seen in that regard. you are supposed to use it to evaluate the projects or become controversial is whether or not people agree with when the city, if decision maker choose to move forward with the project, their determination of why they can do that. i mean the issue is thev actually with the documents or with c-e-q-a itself. it's whether or not you agree given the information that you agree, right? i mean, that's really what we're talking about here. in terms of the very large projects, the park merceds, the major projects that go on in the city, this has n
and not particularly policy oriented, policy for the elected people. the good government is something that i think we all feel strongly about. city has had some bad experiences with bonds back in just before i was on the grand jury, we had the problem with the school bonds and not -- i think some dissatisfaction with library bonds. we've got a huge bunch of bonds coming up, several hundred million dollars of bonds. this is kind of a management principle that is pretty important as well as transparency which had been mentioned. in the art of war, you don't want people that solve problems, you want people that prevent problems. so, you need to be thinking profoundly ahead of time and making sure the process is working properly. that's kind of a business philosophy that was important. so, i think it's relevant here that with hundreds of millions of dollars of bonds coming up, that we do them properly and not have problems after the fact. i appreciate the consideration and thank you very much for the work you do. >> thank you. any questions? seeing none, thank you very much. and our last applicant is jon
are going to vote in this election? can i see a show of hands? how many people will vote for prop b? >> yes. >> how many of you can think of at least two or three or four people in the next couple of days that you can talk to to make sure that they are voting for prop b, because that is it what it's going to take. we are within one or two percentage points ever victory. the people that you talk to could be the people that make the difference in that election. i want to thank the mayor and our supervisors, and phil ginsburg for putting us on that bond. let's get prop b passed, shall we? [ applause ] so we're going to turn some dirt and we're going to start a library. thank you all for being here today. you made this happen. [ applause ] >> thank you, julie. well-done, julie. thank you. thank you. mr. mayor, will you have the honors. district supervisors, mohammed, phil, julie, come on down here and grab yourself a shovel and we're going to have a countdown. are we ready? let's have a countdown. on the count of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! north beach branch library!
to elect, sign up for that program, and that's why i think pg and e is projecting such a low percentage of enroll. , pg and e did offer a climate smart project which similarly had an elect to enroll component that had very low participation and they ultimately cancelled the program. >> will they mail them a notification to opt in with their bill, or how will the customers be notified of the option? >> i'm not sure what pg and e's marketing plan is for it, but i would assume a bill insert and those typical ways pg and e communicates would be used. that's certainly what they did with their climate smart program. >> thank you. commissioner mar? >> thank you, thank you, chair avalos, ms. hale, could you just explain what the geographical area of pg and e's territory is. er >> it serves most of northern california from about fresno north to the oregon border, from east to west, pg and e does not serve the north eastern portion of california or parts of the sierra nevada, and the northern part of the sierra nevada range. there are imbedded within that geography, i just described publicly owne
that are really connected specifically to a department, so that could be things like the cost of elections, it could be the cost of our human services aid budge and how that changes over time, the largest component though of this is our cost related to the health department, so you'll see in the plan and as we talk about this that there's some hard work that the city needs to do with the health department about what can we afford and how do we structure our system of care so that we maintain a safety net that's really viable. >> just so you know, we're having a separate hearing on the health department and the issues ms. howard just identified, quick question for you, within the salary and fringe benefit cost, obviously the largest increase over the next five years, in terms of percentages, what is that salary versus fringe benefit cost and then within fringe off the top of your head, and if i'm calling you out inappropriately, you can call me out to task in that. >> you're not calling me out inappropriately. let's see here. so, the -- i'm looking at page 17 of the overall plan which is ta
of the state [inaudible] that works on significant disproportion ality. the day that election process took us a while. the self assess /-pl piece is required by the state and it basically included a number of surveys that we used. the wisconsin check /h*eus is one of three recommended by the state and it was a survey administered to focus groups at 16 schools on various issues from what they thought professional capacity was at the schools, to attitudes towards inclusive practices, attitudes towards students of underserved populations. we happen to have [inaudible] part of that so we had data from those surveys as well around inclusive practices and around attitudes towards supporting behavior of /staoupbtds within the general education seting. we also provide edd with district wide data that we worked with the rpa department to /aeu /kwaeur including early indicator data, counselor office referrals, achievement data and also demographic data around our student population. and the third prong with special education data -- we have an ed panel that we have talked about before where every psy
's election. he got voted because he was for the people. you guys don't get it. when are you going to learn? thank you. (applause) >> next speaker. >>>♪ i'll be there to shake your house hand and i'll be there to share all your land plans when you make the, the impact make the impact fee city now, city now city now i'll be there to shake your hand and i'll be there to share your impact plan when you can make the impact money fee shake your city hand share the plan share your city hand share all your city good plans >> thank you. next speaker. >>> michael [speaker not understood] for the san francisco gray panthers and senior disability action. we are completely opposed to any kind of plans which allow more conversion of tics into condos. it's an incredible incentive to [speaker not understood] depictions, speed it up when there is a huge crisis of homelessness among seniors. it's going to increase rents all over the place. it endangers rent control. do not do this. >> thank you. next speaker. >>> gilbert crizwell. i am here from new district 8 and i'm not going to repeat the streets that
similar to the authority. we looked at the firms dealing with elected officials. we looked at the management and technical approach for each of the seven firms and we looked at the cost and the dbe, and those other participations. based on this process the selection panel award the the contract to the the hawkins company. the hawkins companies understood the challenges of this position and they have done related searches for leaders as organizations such as the san francisco bay area rapid transit, the dallas area rapid transit, l.a. mta and metropolitan authority and as well as other government agencies like the port of soak land and the city and county of san francisco. on march 11 we a awarded a contract in the amount of $51,250. this is well within the $60,000 budget and the procurement policy for issuing a contract under the interim executive director's threshold. i have here today the hawkins team. i would like to introduce william hauck hawk, steve nee lablont and the comanagers of the team their assistant. i would like to welcome them to the podium to go thro
continuous ly since 1962 which is a long time. i'm here because our elected representative david chew seems to have stopped representing us he won't call a community meeting the last community meeting was cut short by a fire alarm with a whole lot of unanswered questions i'm sure you received our march 14th letter that we have had to schedule ourselves because mr. chew doesn't answer our requests for the questions to be answered or about another community meeting. mr. nolan you have acknowledged and mr. rifkin you have acknowledged -- back in december we were given five options for where they could be extracted one of them was clear down on columbus and taylor streets which is totally unrealistic -- and among the five is the chinatown option and now we're told that other circumstances have neg ated -- therefore we're having to have our own community meeting inviting you and experts that you referred to but we've never seen any reports as to why chinatown has become infeasible so it's going to disrupt us for years and years and i want you to think about that thank you. >> thank you. next s
the presence sequel took effect. after that time all sequel appeals had to go to their elective bodies and counties which is the board of supervisors. if you say 2003, 2005, all of these projects approximately a little over 10 years now have been playing on the same field and i think it would be fair to a vail, allow any of those to a veil themselves. a speaker went to speak about a project, about van ness and the one on greenwich and van ness is built and there are a lot of consequence that come up. i never see anything but certainly if we had another project that is similar to the one on van ness and greenwich which is extremely well-built, i think and attractive and it's provided a lot of very good housing, i think that's the kind of thing we are looking at. so i am in favor of it and i don't -- also i'm concerned about the fact that sometimes we don't want to instigate a situation where we have to go through whole appeal process again and have a second bite at the apple for those that might not ago agree with a particular project. i think we need to consider what mr. moore talked
hopefully again when we have our elections in may. i am deeply committed to the urban forest. it's my career. i spend five days a week working with all sorts of challenges that the urban forest presents us. i am deeply committed to the urban forest and to the urban forest council and i hope that i get reappoint today this position. >> okay. any questions? madam clerk, should i have all the speakers come up before i ask if there is any public comments? >> yes, mr. chair. >> thank you. >>> thank you. >> next person is sandy sherwin. [laughter] >> ah, let's see, a man of many -- >>> exactly. sandy sherman is in atlanta. she had a business meet thattion she could not cancel at the last minute. she actually responded immediately upon notice of this meeting. she has been seated on the council the past two years. she also has been a member of good standing, a very helpful member of the planning and funding committee. she works with the public. she has had almost perfect attendance at all council meetings and she wishes to be reappointed. >> okay. any questions? seeing none, are you also william --
of supervisors that none of us have spent more time on any single projects as elected officials than we have on c pmc. that's why we are so proud. i would like to thank cpmc, and mike brown and who we have got tone to know so well in the past few months. it
and elected officials and the managers that are willing to work with the community-based organizations that are doing the work day in and out. i welcome you to listen at first and hear the perspective from each agency as they relate to the different perspective titles. and i would encourage you to make sure that you listen in terms of asking any questions during the second panel. so we can begin that dialogue that is need in the city and county of san francisco. once again we would like the district attorney to give a couple of words and to be able to acknowledge the importance of this forum today. please welcome the district attorney. >> thank you, and good morning, and welcome to our hall of justice. welcome to the first-ever transitional youth forum that is being held here. i think it's important for us to recognize there a difference between those of the ages of 18-25, and someone that is older or someone that is below. the criminal justice system doesn't always recognize the difference. i can tell you if we look at a study that has been done. and like the u.k. or look deeply in th
an election coming. part of these conversations is how can we make sure we have someone that can balance all of these things and be true to commitment to getting all of these don's done that have been on the agenda for the last couple years, whether it's painting or a park, all things that we want to see completed and carried to the future in a most responsive way. i know we are going to have a great colleague especially from the comments that i have heard from the rest of the board members. they feel very happy with this choice as well because they know katie, they know her work and they know how she's communicated with them and certainly katie's had that great collaboration already with our key agencies in the city. so with that, i would like to introduce our appointie who we will swear in tomorrow and have that done in haste so we can get on with the production of the city. may i introduce katie tang. [ applause ] >> good morning, everyone. i guess the suspense is over now. i want to thank everyone for being here today. all the community members, members of the city family, members of th
[speaker not understood] for mistakes that our citizen ships, elected officials have lacked the ability to follow-up on on their side. i know this will all be resolved, but i like a better, more civil tone. i've been among this committee many, many times and over the years it's gone up and down with the tone in this chamber. and the last three or four years it's gotten better and i want to see better progress on that. these are professionals that we're working with and they're doing a very professional job to the best of their ability to make this thing successful for our city. a benefit is in the fund-raising part. i have a small business i just started across the bay. we have hundreds of people per day come through here all wanting to know when the america's cup is going to be here and it's basically because these people have been together and been working to promote this worldwide which is going to be a benefit for our city and our tax coffers and our general budget. so, thank you for your time. >>> african diaspora maritime is in court and the new york state supreme court with an ap
for me as an elected official to say that. it's another one to have our director of public health, and i just wanted to ask you specifically for st. luke's. as i know, there are many people in that community and that surrounding neighborhood that, that may be asking about that, if you are confident that this will ensure that we have a long-term, viable hospital. >> i believe that the agreement that has been made with the additional beds for st. lukes will be a very viable component of cpmc's overall health care system of care. i think that this will not only -- there will be also two centers of excellence at st. luke's that will be focused on geriatric kara long with community health. ~ care along at st. luke's, i believe very important services will be integrated within the hospital. it will be an integral part of cpmc's service system. it will be necessary for cpmc to utilize st. luke's to maximum ability for the community within the southeast sector. >> thank you very much for that. and again, thank you to your staff for helping to make that happen. and, of course, i was remiss in say
and stakeholders and your leadership as our elected official, now instead of just one large gem, i think we all have two gems that promises to raise and revitalize yet another neighborhood. and i think that recognition of the changing demographics is going to be so valuable to our whole city. again, congratulations on working on this agreement. it's really time to reap the benefits of state-of-the-art accessible and safe health care. i urge you to support this agreement. thank you. >> thanks. next speaker. >>> good afternoon, supervisors. david elliott lewis here representing the mental health board at which i serve as secretary. i want to thank supervisor kim for bringing up the issue of mental health and the psychiatric beds that used to be at st. luke's. tomorrow night our board meets and will be voting on a resolution i wrote that does two things. it congratulations the city and the supervisors for coming to this agreement and really sincerely congratulations. but secondly, it asks for something more from cpmc sutter health. it asks for a give back regarding mental health. now, i saw mental
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 69 (some duplicates have been removed)